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Biography of Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم)

The birth of Prophet Muhammad

(صلى الله عليه وسلم)

After 55 days of Abraha’s attack on Kaaba in 570 AD, it is the month of Rabiul Awwal, the day is Monday and the time is early morning, the night is going and the day is coming, when Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is born in the home of Amina bint Wahab, the widow daughter in law of Abdul Muttalib, the leader of Makkah.

It was the twelfth Rabiul Awwal when Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was born. When he was born, some strange things happened. Hazrat Amina bint Wahab (may Allah be pleased with her) said:

“When he was born, I saw a light (Noor), in which, I saw the castles of Syria (Shaam).”

Hazrat Shifa, the mother of Hazrat Abdurrahman bin Auf (one of the Ten Companions (Sahaba), who were given promise of Paradise in their lives), said:

“When Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was born, I lifted him on my hands and I heard a voice, that is: “May your Lord Make mercy upon you!” and after that I saw a light (Noor) that lit around me everywhere, that I saw the castles of Syria.”

Then she said:

“When I lay down, it became dark and I was frightened then a light came from my right side and I heard someone saying: “Where did you go with this child?” Someone replied: “I went with him towards west.” Once again, it became dark and I frightened and then a light came from my left side and I heard someone asking: “Where did you go with him?” Someone replied: “I went with him towards east and now I won’t go anywhere with him.””

Hazrat Shifa said:

“This was in my heart and when he announced that he is a Prophet of Allah the Almighty; I was one of them who hurried to embrace Islam first.”

Hazrat Amina, the mother of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), said:

“When he was born, he was sitting on his knees and his eyes were pointing towards the sky and he was circumcised already.”

When Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was born, his grandfather was in the Holy Kaaba and when his mother Amina bint Wahab (may Allah be pleased with her) sent him the good news, he became overjoyed and came home. Amina bint Wahab (may Allah be pleased with her) told him about the strange things that happened during his birth and aftermath. Then Hazrat Abdul Muttalib carried him to the Holy Kaaba and prayed for him and said:

“This child of mine will be a great person in the world.”

Some Strange Things Happened When He was born:

Hazrat Abbas, uncle of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:

“When he was born, he was circumcised and his umbilical cord was severed. Seeing this Hazrat Abdul Muttalib surprised and said: “This grandson of mine will be a great person.””

Hazrat Hassaan bin Thabit, who was the poet of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and lived sixty years in the time of ignorance and sixty years in the time of Islam, said:

“I was then seven to eight and was able to grasp what I see and hear, when I heard a Jew crying and screaming on a peek of mountain in Madina, he was saying: “O community of Jews! Hurry up and gather here with me.” Then some Jews gathered and asked: “What’s the matter?” He replied: “The Star of Ahmad (peace be upon him) has emerged last night, that was the sign of the birth of Ahmad the last messenger of Almighty Allah, according to Torah, the Old Testaments.””

Hazrat Kaab Al-Ahbaar (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

“I have read in Torah (Old Testament) that Almighty Allah had told Hazrat Musa( “Moses” Peace be upon him) about the time of birth of Ahmad the Last Messenger of Allah and Hazrat Musa (peace be upon him) had told his people about that sign and it became the custom in Bani Israel (Israelites) that the clergymen used to tell each other about that sign and bequeath their upcoming family to be told about that sign.”

There are lots of narrations that state that the people of book gave the news that the Last Messenger, Ahmad has born (peace be upon him).

Hazrat Muttalib said:

“I was that night in Holy Kaaba and I saw the idols were collapsed on their mouths and there was a voice coming from the walls of the Holy Kaaba: “Today, Mustafa and Mukhtar has born, by whom non-believers will be killed and the Kaaba will be cleaned from the Idols and worship of Idols, who will order to worship Allah the Almighty, who is the true Master and knows everything.”

The Names of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

A narration is that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon hi) was born circumcised, but other narrations say that on the seventh day of his birth, Hazrat Abdul Muttalib invited all the people of Quraish and his circumcision was done there and his Aqueedah was performed.

Hazrat Abdul Muttalib arranged a sumptuous feast for his clan of Quraish. After eating food people asked him:

“What is the name of the boy?”

He replied:

“I chose his name “Muhammad” (meaning: who is praised a lot).”

They surprised and asked:

“Why didn’t you name him on the name of any family member of yours?”

He replied:

“I want him to be praised by Allah the Almighty on the sky and by his creatures on the earth.”

What does “Muhammad” mean?

Arabic Linguists said:

“Muhammad is the person, who has all good qualities of morality”

And also:

“There is repetition in the meaning, because the word is derived from “Hamd” that means: “praise” and in this form: “Muhammad” the word means: “one who will be praised repeatedly and publically.”

In brief, we can say that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon hi) was praised in past, is praised a lot today and he will be praised in the future also.”


His second and most popular name is: “Ahmad”. And Hazrat Musa and Hazrat Isaa (“Moses and Jesus” Peace be upon him) mentioned him with the name of “Ahmad”.

“Ahmad” means: one who praised his Lord more than all praises. And Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) praised his Lord a lot in his life and aftermath he is praising his Lord till the day of judgment, but his praise will be on peek when he will praise his Lord on the day of Judgment, when he will be taught the way of praise that will be the best of all.

There are lots of names for our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), but once he counted his five names especially; that are: (1) Muhammad, (2) Ahmad, (3) Al- Mahi (means: one who terminates and erases the Kufr, the disbelief), (4) Al- Hashir (means: one, at whom foot, people will gather on the day of judgment), and (5) Al- Aqib (means: one, after whom, there is no prophet to come as a Prophet).

The names of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) are countless, some Ulama counted them to 99 and some other counted to one thousand. In every condition, the plenty of names indicates that he has several qualities in his personality.

Breastfeeding of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

First of all, Hazrat Amina bint Wahab (may Allah be pleased with her) breastfed her beloved son, then Suvaiba (ثویبہ ) was the second woman, who breastfed him. (Suvaiba was the slave of Abu Lahab and she was the woman who gave her master Abu Lahab the good news of birth of his nephew Muhammad (peace be upon him), then Abu Lahab released his slave Suvaiba. After the death of Abu Lahab, someone dreamt him and asked: “How are you?” He replied: “I am in Hell, but every Monday, I get a glass of cold water, because I had released my slave Subaiba on the good news of birth of my nephew Muhammad (peace be upon him) sent by my slave Suvaiba.) there are other women who breastfed him i.e. Khavla bint Munzir, Umme Aiman, Hazrat Haleema Al-Sadia and another woman from the clan of Bani Sa’ad, but Hazrat Haleema is the woman who got the chance to breastfeed prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) for two years continuously.

The custom of wet-nursing in the Arab:

There was the tradition in the Arabs, especially in the clan of Quraish , that they used to give their newborn children to wet-nurses so that their children could learn fluent and eloquent Arabic Language in the Saharan environment, could be healthy and their muscles could be strong.

For this purpose, women from several clans came to Makkah to take children of wealthy people and to breastfeed them and to get prizes and gifts from their fathers without fixing the amount.

Hazrat Abdul Muttalib alos was searching for such woman for his grandson Muhammad (peace be upon hi) then what happened? Hazrat Haleema Sadia herself told her story saying:

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“It was the year of drought, we were totally broken and we had nothing, when I depart my hoe, riding my greenish-colored donkey, with my caravan of Bani Sa’ad we had an old camel with no milk. My child was crying and we couldn’t sleep. Neither had I milk in my breast nor had my old camel in order to feed him except a hope. I was riding my donkey, which was unable to move because of her hungry. Everyone in the caravan was in trouble, because neither they could go ahead leaving me nor my donkey was able to move. Somehow we reached Makkah and everyone hurried to search and take infants. The women from Bani Sa’ad also went to Hazrat Aminah bint Wahab, but they returned from her home when they knew that this baby was an orphan because they thought that this boy was and orphan, so who would give precious prizes and gifts.

After some days, every woman had got infants except me. And I hated to return without any infant to nurse while all the women from my clan had got infants to nurse. Then I told my husband: “By God! I have to go and take him to nurse.” Then I took him (Muhammad peace be upon him) and I returned to my donkey. My husband asked: “did you take him?” I replied: “Yes! By God! I took that orphan boy, because I couldn’t get except him.” He replied: “that’s okay! I hope that Allah the Almighty will give us in him the blessing.”

When I took him in my lap, he turned to my breast and drank milk from my breast and got satisfied then his brother (she means: her son) drank milk from my breast and got satisfied. Then my husband went to our old camel in the night, and saw that the camel was full with milk, then he milked and we drank the milk and got satisfied.”

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