Hazrat Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib

Hazrat Abul fazl, Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib bin Hashim bin Abd e Munaf, was one of elite of Quraish in the time of ignorance and Islam, the grandfather of Abbasid Caliphs, and uncle of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
He was born in Makkah Sharif in 51 BH, 573 CE. He was one of the intellectuals of Quraish and was keen to liberate the slaves. He bought 70 slaves and freed them. He had the duty of Siqayah, it means to make drink the pilgrims.
He accepted Islam before the migration, but he hid his Islam and stayed in Makkah Sharif, writing about the non-believers of Makkah Sharif. Then he migrated to Madina Sharif and participated in the battle of Hunain and was among the Muslims, who were stayed when people fled away. He participated in the conquering of Makkah Sharif.
He became blind in his last days. When he passed through Hazrat Umar bin Khattab, he got off, so did Hazrat Uthman bin Affan. When his descents were counted in 200 AH, they were 33000.
He was died in Madina Sharif in 32 AH, 653. He narrated 35 Hadiths from Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

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