Hazrat Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib

Hazrat Abu Qatham, Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib bin Hashim bin Abde Munaf, Al Hashmi Al Quraishi Al Zabih, was Father of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). He was born in Makkah in 81 BH, 544 CE. He was the youngest son of Hazrat Abdul Muttalib.
His father Abdul Muttalib had vowed that if there ten boys were born and became youthful in his life; he would sacrifice one of them in Ka’aba. When his ten sons became in his life, he went to Hubul, the greatest idol in Ka’aba, and took omen. In this omen, there was the name of Abdullah. He was the beloved son of his father, so he sacrifices one hundred camels in his place. Then he was being called; “Al Zabih:.
His father married him with Hazrat Aminah bint Wahab and she became pregnant with Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Then he went to Ghazza in a trade and returned. But when he reached Madinah, he fell ill and died there in the place of “Abwa’a”.

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